Social responsibility

Our strategy respects the principles of sustainable development, which includes both the protection of nature and the well-being of employees, partners and the local environment. In co-operation with the City of Ljubljana, we manage the BicikeLJ self-service bicycle-rental system, which encourages sustainable mobility. The principles of sustainable development also respect the development of new objects in outdoor advertisement by the introduction of digital technology.

Ever since the beginning of our operation, we have encouraged socially beneficial projects. With sponsorship funds and advertisement space we support numerous events, cultural institutions and sport organisations across the entire Slovenia. For years, we have been the sponsor of Festival Ljubljana and the Borštnik Meeting theatre festival. We also support the National Gallery, MGML, MGLC, the Modern Gallery and Maribor Art Gallery. In sports, we are sponsors of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, the Football Association of Slovenia, the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia, NK Olimpija football club, RK Krim Mercator handball club, Marathon Franja (cycling marathon) and the BTC City Ljubljana women’s cycling team. We also support Unicef Slovenia, the Slovenian Association of Friends and Youth, Ecologists without Borders and other non-governmental organisations.


Spletna stran uporablja piškotke za boljše delovanje

Z brskanjem po naši spletni strani se strinjate, da lahko uporabljamo piškotke, ki so namenjeni vaši boljši uporabniški izkušnji na naši spletni strani. Za lastne potrebe analitike uporabljamo Google Analytics, ki v ta namen namesti piškotke (izbriši GA piškotke). Več o piškotkih.