Address the active and mobile population with our media

Over the past years, the role of media in outdoor advertising has been actively changing and adapting to new trends.

Below, we describe three main characteristics of modern outdoor advertising.


  • By directing consumers to outlets for local, regional and national advertisers.
  • By expanding the cover and frequency of other media and by increasing the effectiveness with one of the lowest prices per thousand contacts and the highest Return on Investment ratio among all communication channels.
  • By directing consumers to online and mobile search and to social media and by creating a highly significant "word of mouth" effect as well as viral marketing.



  • By reaching the more and more mobile consumers, regardless of where they are driving to, where they work and shop, where they travel to and where they spend their leisure time.
  • By targeting the consumers who are near the outlets and precise positioning of messages with regard to where, when and how the audience wants to receive them.
  • By creating valuable two-way communication with the help of new technologies that encourage consumers to communicate with brands as never before.




  • By creating attractive and innovative advertising messages that are impossible to overlook.
  • By using simplicity, humour, surprise and excellent visual narration that have the greatest creative effect.
  • By expanding the limits of what’s possible and setting new standards in advertising with original and unforgettable campaigns.

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